A Business Barter Exchange Network

Missoula, Montana

Welcome to We Trade Network, a business to business barter exchange based in Missoula, Montana. We Trade Network has a membership of diverse business owners who understand the value of barter through a barter exchange. Barter amounts to billions of dollars spent worldwide every year and We Trade Network makes it easy for you to join the barter economy.

In addition to providing you with local opportunities for trade, We Trade is a member of international trading networks that provides you with opportunities to access larger, global marketplaces too.

Why join We Trade?

Do you want to increase your sales by using excess capacity you already have and being exposed to untapped markets? Do you want to save cash by making business purchases with your new trade dollars? We Trade Network can help you take advantage of these things and make barter work for your company.

We Trade members benefit from networking with other members as well as their neighbors, friends and families who are not members. Our members enjoy the cash business that comes their way because of referrals from other We Trade Network members.

When you open an account with We Trade Network, we advertise you to our local membership, and our trading partners outside the area. Then, you will become the preferred vendor for those seeking your products and services. We will also help you find members who sell the products and services you currently purchase with cash. We Trade Network makes the whole process easy for you by electronically managing all barter transactions & trade dollars; handling all required reporting of member sales to state agencies and the IRS; and offering you access to your account information 24 hours a day.

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