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Using Trade: Reward Your Team

We Trade Dollars are a great way to reward or incentivize your employees. Whether it’s a one time reward or bonus for a job well done, or an ongoing employee benefit program, trade dollars are a great tool for this purpose. There are many ways to use trade dollars to the advantage of your team members. While increasing sales using trade barter dollars, you can at the same time pass some of those gains along to those that have earned it. Imagine being able to treat an employee to a nice dinner or a spa treatment without spending cash.Here are some options for using trade for employees:

Purchase scripts for your employees to spend a specific amount at selected member businesses. Set up a sub-account for employees if you plan to use trade to increase their pay or give them a bonus. Your employees can then spend from their personal trade accounts as they choose.

Check with your accountant to learn how to set up an employee benefit program that will fit the needs of your company. Then, decide if using trade to fund some of these plans would work for you.


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Dodie Moquin