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Over 250 local businesses are saving cash, increasing their bottom-line and enjoying new travel opportunities with We Trade! In addition to providing you with local opportunities for trade, We Trade is a member of international trading networks that provide you with opportunities to access larger, global marketplaces too.


“What if I get more requests than I can fill?”

Answer: You are in charge of how much trade you receive. If you are experiencing internal challenges in your business, or if you have more trade than you’re comfortable with, call the office, and let us know that you’re temporarily suspending trade sales. We announce in the next Barter Bulletin that you’re on “standby” and we help you spend your trade.

“How much trade should I expect to receive?”

Answer: That depends upon your type of business. We have an idea of how popular various businesses will be in our system. We gauge how we advertise you based on that awareness. If you offer a product or service that is in high demand – especially if it is also a high dollar item, we will most likely have all the sales for your company go through the We Trade office in order to control the volume. We will then call you before each transaction to make sure that the sale fits with your needs. Most businesses can expect to receive a fair amount of new business in the form of trade. Many of our successful members find that We Trade represents up to 5% of their gross annual sales. Whatever your trade volume, remember that you are in charge of how much trade you receive, when you want more, just call us, and we’ll advertise you again locally or nationally.

“Can I use my trade account to take a trip?”

Answer: We can get accommodations, often restaurants and sometimes rental cars in most major cities through our trading partners across the country. Don’t expect airlines (though they do come up periodically), and we can’t help if there is not a barter company in an area. Many of our members are using trade to save cash on travel all over the US, Canada, Mexico, Hawaii and the Caribbean. Cruises on major lines are also offered occasionally.

“What’s the downside of barter?”

Answer: We don’t know that there really is a downside, but let’s help you understand some realities of trade. Trade works best for people who have room for new business, and those with an adequate profit margin. Consequently, you won’t find members very often selling computers, electronics, new appliances, gasoline, etc., due to the extremely low margin on those items. And, when there is stress on a particular industry in a particular area, it will be difficult to find those folks in a trade system. Contractors will be difficult to find during a building boom for example.

“What about the pricing of items?”

Answer: We Trade members offer their products on trade at the same price as they do for their cash customers. The exception to this is that its at the seller’s discretion whether or not he/she offers a sale price . Most of our companies do offer their sale prices on clearance merchandise.

“Do I have to accept trade for the entire price?”

Answer: We Trade members accept 100% trade on all transactions for in-stock goods and labor, up to a purchase price of $5,000. Those who wish to sell outside our company to our national trading partners agree to accept 100% trade for the entire transaction.

“What can I buy from national barter companies?”

Answer: We’ve purchased a wide variety of items from our national trading partners including forklifts, pallet jacks, dock plates, 2 way radios, tickets to ball games, high end Alaskan fishing trips, travel of all kinds, dental work, batteries, computer UPS systems, spray in bed liners for pickups, and much, much more. Our members receive a weekly update of the new and exciting items made available locally and through our trading partners.