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Over 250 local businesses are saving cash, increasing their bottom-line and enjoying new travel opportunities with We Trade! In addition to providing you with local opportunities for trade, We Trade is a member of international trading networks that provide you with opportunities to access larger, global marketplaces too.


Why Trade?

Why would you consider hiring the services of a Trade Exchange? Most people, after all, do some bartering on their own, which unfortunately can have it’s downsides. Maybe you can’t use what the other person is offering in exchange for your service or product. Maybe you’ve tried to offer your goods or services to someone whose product you need, but you can’t get through to the owner, or they don’t want what you have. Becoming a member of the We Trade Network overcomes these issues. You sell the goods and services to members who want what you have, and purchase the goods and services from other members who have what you want.
If you decide to join the We Trade Network, how much should you trade? Businesses need cash to operate, and barter should not represent more than 5-15% of your gross annual sales.
Trade Exchanges bring new business to your door, and allows you to save your cash when you need to purchase goods or services, and can, in many instances, increase your gross revenue. You have a broker whose primary job is to ensure that you’re getting the amount of trade income that you want, and spending on the types of goods and services that you need.
Once you’ve determined that the services of a Barter Network will benefit your company, you need to choose the right exchange. It’s important to look at who the members are, as these are the businesses where you’ll be able to spend your trade dollars.
Something else to consider – that is equally important is – who does We Trade Network barter with? It’s not a well-known fact that barter companies band together to share the goods and services of their members with other barter companies of equal quality. It is these reciprocal agreements that create additional value for the collective members. Maybe you have a product or service that is not locally used (Montana Outfitters and guides are a good example) and you need to advertise your services to people outside Montana. Also, your company may send employees to other cities to go to trade shows. To spend your trade dollars, you’ll be relying on your barter company’s ability to procure food and lodging services for you by trading with others.
We Trade Network, is a member of the IRTA – the International Reciprocal Trade Association. We strive to maintain a healthy positive balance with this group of companies so we can obtain lodging and restaurants for our members when they’re traveling to any of the over 100 cities/regions represented by IRTA members in the U.S., Canada and Europe. IRTA opens a new market for the shippable goods of local members, as well. And, items not locally available are often available from these same trading partners.
This is just an overview of the many benefits of becoming a member of the We Trade Network. If you have any questions or would like to discuss the many possibilities we can bring to your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us.